History of Photography

  • The Voice of the Print

    Minor White
    Walter Chappell
    Paul Caponigro

    The Camera Records Superbly, it Transforms Better.
    Minor White

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    The Voice of the Print
  • Not One More

    This week brought back so many memories. In our youth we learned that taking to the streets does make a difference. We made great strides to address segregation in our country and helped end a war. We fought for the rights of Farm Workers and Equal Rights for women, marching in the streets of our cities and then on Washington. We did much to bring attention to issues, but how much has actually changed is still being weighed. Although we felt pride at what we had achieved, we knew there was still much to do to address the root causes of so many of the issues we fought for and are still fighting for.

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    Not One More
  • Jerry Uelsmann: Process and Perception

    “It is my conviction that the darkroom is capable of being, in the truest sense, a visual research lab; a place for discovery, observation and meditation.”
    Jerry Uelsmann

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    Jerry Uelsmann: Process and Perception
  • In the Presence of Heroes

    In honor of Memorial Day, this week we remember the veterans of our past wars and those serving around the globe today. I will take the liberty of making this personal by beginning this week with a tribute to my father, Louis Scheinbaum, who served in the 79th Infantry Division and landed in Normandy on Utah Beach, D-Day plus six, after the initial invasion. He was the recipient of both the Bronze Star and Purple Heart among other medals.

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    In the Presence of Heros
  • The Language of the Camera Eye: Ansel Adams and Beaumont Newhall

    The contributions of Ansel Adams (1902 – 1984) to further photography’s acceptance as an art form are many. Besides his artistic works, he spent much of his time educating photographers in both the technical aspects of the medium and the formal aspects of image making. His highly technical system of exposure and development called the Zone System offered photographers the ability to control the tonalities in an image to the point that one could turn black to white or white to black. This complex system of understanding exposure and development when using traditional black and white materials liberated photographers from the technical side of things to concentrate fully on the image.

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    The Language of the Camera Eye
  • Edward Weston: The Photographer and Friends

    During a 1940 visit to Ansel and Virginia Adams in California, Beaumont and Nancy met Edward Weston for the first time. This visit to Edward Weston’s home was the beginning of the Newhall’s lifelong friendship and collaborations with Weston on publications and exhibitions, including his 1946 exhibition at MOMA and the editing and publication of his Daybooks.

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    Edward Weston: The Photographer and Friends
  • A Movie and A Martini
    Willard Van Dyke and Ralph Steiner: The City
    Beaumont Newhall: A Martini

    In the summer of 1980 we visited Willard Van Dyke in his NYC studio. This visit culminated in our inaugural exhibition in October of 1980. During the exhibit we received a note from Willard’s closest friend, Ralph Steiner. Ralph sent us “as a gift” a few of his prints wishing us good luck with the gallery. We wrote him back

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    A Movie and A Martini Willard Van Dyke and Ralph Steiner: The City Beaumont Newhall: A Martini
  • Honoring Earth Day
    With Remembrances of Laura Gilpin and Ansel Adams

    Today we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Eliot Porter and Ansel Adams devoted their life and art to the preservation of the planet. Both were instrumental during the formative years of the conservation movement in America.

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    Honoring Earth Day
  • History of Photography - A Message from Santa Fe

    Dear Friends and Colleagues,

    As we all continue to adjust our lives to the realities of the COVID-19 health crises, we hope that you are well and safe.

    While it feels strange to go on as usual, knowing that the usual is so far from what we are living now, we would like to share a bit of photography history with you. Hopefully it will take your mind off social isolating and bring the world of Beaumont Newhall and his peers to you with this wonderful video we just rediscovered.

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    History of Photography – A Message from Santa Fe
  • Lynn Geesaman, Laura Gilpin, and Eliot Porter

    It is with great sadness that we tell of the passing of Lynn Geesaman.

    On February 29th the photography community lost a friend. The artist Lynn Geesaman passed away after living at home with dementia for the past 15 years, she was 81. We were honored to be among the galleries that represented her but more importantly Lynn and her husband Don were long time friends. Our visits with them were always filled with lively discussions about art and technique, sometimes politics.  We treasured these visits.

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    Lynn Geesaman, Laura Gilpin, and Eliot Porter
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