• The Tenuous Stem

    The poignancy and promise of the life cycle informs Janet Russek’s long term photographic project, The Tenuous Stem. She began this work expressing sadness over loss, while noting the possibility of new life carried by a seed or a stem. In 1989, Eliot Porter—her mentor and friend—gave her a monorail camera. The camera was too unwieldy for anything but studio work, and although she has always worked with 4 x 5 cameras, she set up still lifes for the first time in 1993 to use it.

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    The Tenuous Stem
  • Hip Hop: Portraits of an Urban Hymn

    Since its inception in the 1970s, hip hop music and the culture surrounding it has become a hugely influential and popular musical form in America and around the world.  Its popularity extends beyond the urban centers where it was born, and pervades and influences youth culture around the globe.  However, few artists have created serious and powerful photographs that explore the breadth of the phenomenon.  With this volume, David Scheinbaum has done just that.

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    Hip Hop: Portraits of an Urban Hymn
  • Beaumont’s Kitchen: Lessons on Food, Life & Photography

    Considered by many to be the father of the history of photography, Beaumont Newhall was known by his intimate circle as a great chef and gracious host as well.

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    Beaumont’s Kitchen: Lessons on Food, Life & Photography
  • Nancy Newhall: A Literacy of Images

    Nancy’s own photography is little known. Her main concern for the last 30 years of her life was working closely with photographers in the production of book magazine articles and exhibitions; she was reluctant to put forth her own photography, yet without her mastery of the medium she could not have understood its accomplishments and potentials as she did.

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    Nancy Newhall: A Literacy of Images
  • Stone: A Substantial Witness

    In the words of Chile’s Noble Laureate, Pablo Neruda, stone is “a substantial witness” to the “trembling world,” a solid reflection of mutable things. The photographic images presented in this volume intimately capture the enduring quality and varied uses of stone across time, geography, and diverse human cultures

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    Stone: A Substantial Witness
  • Images in the Heavens, Patterns on the Earth: The I Ching

    Both Scheinbaum & Russek, photographers, began to make images that were personal interpretations of the 64 hexagrams or commentaries in the I Ching. The images are not literal interpretations – not a photograph of a lake, or a mountain, etc., but rather, they are interpretations based on the understanding of the images and the emotional response to the Hexagram using the natural world as interpreter.

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    Images in the Heavens, Patterns on the Earth: The I Ching
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